Day 4: Teach us something that you do well.

Ok ok ok… If I’ve learned one thing today it’s that I procrastinate well. But I don’t have to teach you how to do that, do I?

I do NOT enjoy claiming to do things well. I feel like when I do that I open myself up to looking like a royal jackass.

┬áBut… posting for Your Turn Challenge is important to me… and because I recognize that and because I want to honor my truth and my desire, and because I know that Seth is right and if I don’t post I’ve already failed… and because yesterday I told you that failing by NOT taking a risk is worse than taking a risk and failing… I post today.

If there’s one thing I do well, it’s call myself onto the carpet when it really matters. And this matters. Having a voice, not letting anyone silence us, much less letting the voices in our head have control and tell us we’re worthless… it matters.

And so this is what I teach you today, writers. Even when it hurts, write. Especially when it hurts, write. What you get from those sessions, what you give to the world, is a truly great gift.

Now I just hope I can follow my own example.