Elisabeth Kauffman
Elisabeth Kauffman after speaking at Writers Digest in 2016

I have always believed in the power of stories to change the world. I started Writing Refinery so that I can share my love of stories with my clients and their readers. My mission is to help authors craft the strongest story possible and to develop the courage they need to share that story with the world. Your writing and your vision are important. Using your voice takes courage and confidence. If the thought of doing that important work on your own feels daunting, you have come to the right place! My editing and coaching packages are designed to help you shine bright. It’s time for you to make your art, tell your story, find your voice.

More about Elisabeth Kauffman

Here’s a little bit more about me: I earned a degree in English Literature from Asbury University in Kentucky. After college, I spent some time working in a communications department for the University of California, Davis, where I contributed to alumni publications and correspondence. While there, I learned a great deal about editing and crafting the perfect sentence. I’ve also worked with publishing companies and literary agencies, learning everything I could about the rapidly changing publishing industry. As I stared into the giant slush pile I realized what I wanted most: to help authors achieve their dreams of being published. Thus Writing Refinery was born.

What I edit

I specialize in YA, Fantasy, and Romance novel editing, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have another genre of manuscript. The basic elements of all stories are the same. I can give you insights into your writing that you may not have realized you needed.